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Our new website is currently under construction. Items are usually real time, however, not during construction. Please call Shop for availability @ 304-552-7216

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  We don't offer a flat rate for shipping, it depends on size and weight of the shipment, where it is going and how quickly the items are needed.

Q:  What hppens if I decide to not keep the items that are shipped to me?

A:  We ask that you immediately return all items you are certain you are not keeping.  However, we allow items to be kept for up to seven days if they are being considered, or if you need to show them to your trainer or tailor.

Q:  Does my credit card get charged immediatly when you ship an item for review?

A:  No charges are immediatly applied to any CREDIT card, we merely authorize the total amount of the shipment.  However, please be aware that Pre-Authorizing shipments on a DEBIT card will result in your financial institution placing a hold on funds in your checking account for the total amount of the shipment.

Q:  Are all items available in your shop pictured on your website?

A:  No!  While work daily uploading pictures of major items like habits, day coats and formals, there are many items available that you cannot see on the website.  For instance, we have a full display case of jewelry, lapel pins, number magnets and over three-thousand neck ties!  We also carry a full line of ModJods, Ovation and American Jods, Add to that cut glassware, socks, purses, designor cut glass tables, jod straps, casual barn clothing and a full line of painted ponies.  If we took the time to picture every individual item, we'd never have time to dress everyone so beautifully for the show ring! smiley That's why we encourage all our customers to call us directy and ask if they don't see somethng they are looking for on our website.